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Norsk Senter for Bolig- og Næringsutvikling AS

August 13, 2014

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intraParking becomes ECOparking

July 3, 2014

In our effort to better reflect core values of the company, we have decided to change intraParking to ECOparking. This will in a better way reflect the company’s Vision and Mission.



Parking will be an active contributor to a better environment and increased well-being in everyday life


At ECOparking we are working everyday for achieving the goal that our solutions will be an active contributor for a better environment. You may ask: What does this mean? Well, for this goal reflects several aspects. If we look at the internal environment, we want to create a nice and clean look & feel. In traditional parking houses you often end up having to drive in dark narrow corridors between the cars with people crossing your path at any time. Often you have to drive several floors below the ground. We want to create an atmosphere and environment where you only park your car in a garage on the ground level or one level below. In this garage you deliver and pick up your car. No need to drive around or stay several levels below the ground.


If we look at the greater picture we are providing solutions that makes it possible to eliminate street parking. That makes it convenient to park you car at a “park & ride” spot, where you can park your car and use public transportation to reach downtown city. At the end we believe that our solutions will make a better, cleaner and environmental friendly future.




ECOparking deliver cost-effective parking solutions, through optimum space utilization and defined environmental benefits


In order to fulfil our Vision, we need a Mission, which clearly define how we are going to achieve our goal. One of our most important goals in this aspect is to provide cost-effective parking solutions. If we cannot prove that our solutions are more effective and gives better Return On Investment, we will simply not succeed. We therefore take great pride in ensuring that our solutions give the best possible ROI.


Space is always an issue when it comes to car parking. In traditional parking houses a single car occupy about 25 m2. This includes the parking space itself, the driveway internally in the house, any ramp for driving to the different levels etc. Also considering the fact that a car in average is parked more than 95% of the time, it is clearly not sustainable to allocate this amount of space for a single car over time. We need to reduce the space that a single car is occupying and also ensure a more effective use of the parking spaces. We achieve all of these goals through our innovative parking solutions.


At the end, more effective use of car parking spaces itself and more effective use of space – gives defined benefits for both the local environment and also the global environment.

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